Instruction and Development

About Charlotte Piano Prep

Charlotte Piano Preparatory is a private piano instructional studio.  Primary focus is centered on the basic fundamentals and core principals of the piano, resulting in a well developed and accomplished pianist.  And while a strong foundation has no substitute, it is only through patience and discipline that one truly furthers themselves in any pursuit; not only music.

At Charlotte Piano Prep, all levels of experience are welcome and each half-hour lesson is taught privately on a 6′ grand piano.  A Kawai Piano performing artist, Chad Lawson has toured the world with Julio Iglesias, recorded award winning albums and is heard on NPR as well as numerous media outlets.  “I never aligned myself with the ideology of  ‘Those that can’t, teach’, he states ‘To this day I continue to study and hone my skills as a pianist by studying with world-class pianist.  There is always something to learn regardless of your ability.”

Why Charlotte Piano Prep

After years of teaching from music facilities, Chad felt the need to hone his attention to students with greater potential.  While the traditional music academies and facilities are wonderful and serve a great purpose, he often found the busier the studio became, the noisier the studio became.  Most lessons are taught in 5×8 rooms with little-to-no sound isolation, therefore the distraction from neighboring rooms was too difficult for the student to focus on the lesson at hand.  While practicing a Chopin etude per se, it is difficult to concentrate with the adjoining rooms learning banging drums or violin.

The 30 minute lessons are taught in a quiet, peaceful and spacious studio with a Kawai 6′ grand piano.  Lessons are taught at their residence located off Sardis Road North in
Charlotte, NC.

About the Lessons

Lessons are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at this point in time.  With very limited availability Monday/Wednesday,  Thursday has recently been added and time slots are already filling up.

Weekly lessons are $23 per 1/2 hour.  If more than one lesson per week, such as a sibling or parent, then the lessons are $20 each.  All credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal, check, cash or money order.  Payment is due no later than the 5th of each month for the entering month.  After the 5th a %15 percent late payment will be applied.


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